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TRANSLATORS STILL NEEDED!  If you have good to excellent Japanese skills and love TM!R (or just need to practice your Japanese skills), we need your help for some translation projects.  If you are skilled at both Japanese and English and are interested in doing some translations for fun, we need translations for Kajishima-sensei's interviews, doujinshi, novels, and more. This is so more information about the canon Tenchi universe created by K-sensei can be given to the English-speaking fans. If you want to help with any of these projects in some way or know someone who can help, please let me know .

And don't forget to read my Anime & Manga Blog where you can hear me pontificate about anime that isn't Tenchi. I also blather about certain manga titles and other Japanese-related items too. 

May 23, 2012
    If you are seeing this message, that means you are seeing the site on its new server. That also means that Phase 2 of my project is getting closer to being launched. What is this? The creation of the Version 3 of the FAQ website. Assuming all goes well, eventually, a WordPress website will replace this one. I'm both nervous and excited by this. ^_^
May 13, 2012
    A little bit of housekeeping here. I'll be moving astronerdboy.com to a new host in the next couple of weeks. As such, there may be a short outage on the site until all the DNS servers propagate. I'll make posts on the Facebook page as well as my Twitter feed, and I'm guessing I'll even make a blog post when the time comes. So, stay tuned. ^_^
April 9, 2012
    The seiyuu for Katsuhito and Nobuyuki, AONO Takeshi, passed away today. He was 75. He'd had health issues of late. In 2010, he was diagnosed as having an aortic dissection, which ended his career. He played a number of roles in his career, invluding Sanada from Space Battleship Yamato, but for me, he made his mark as Katsuhito in episode 1 of OVA 1, as he had the first speaking role in the anime, calling for Tenchi. As Nobuyuki, he got to play a more comical character. I've never known why it was decided to have Aono-san play both Katsuhito and Nobuyuki, but he shows why he was such a good seiyuu. He will be missed.
February 27, 2012
    Anonymous provides Kajishima-sensei's words at the end of Omatsuri Zenjitsu no Yoru Sekishi Ban 11.12

Dude! ^_^ No one seems to have shared this yet, so here's Kajishima's message from the last page of the 11.12 Onsen.

Well then, I had to rush this a bit, but for now the chapter on pilot suit explanations is closed. Painting everything is a lot of work, but it's been fun to draw these, so maybe I'll try some more styles at some point. There's probably quite a bit still left unexplained anyway...Next time the topic will be "Parents' Visiting Day". I want to cover things like Chiaia's and Wahanly's mothers, who never made an appearance. Hence, Mexiah (will be presenting the story).

In terms of work, it's definite that the novel will be out in January 2012 and I'll have an illustration in Dragon Magazine at the same time. Since I managed to conclude the whole runaway Fuku-chan thing, I can now take the plunge into the Earth chapter. ......Here's hoping I can finish that in a single volume. Everything else is still sort of in the pipeline. See you in the summer!

Kajishima Masaki

Damn, he made it sound like something new was imminent last time but now it's back to the usual vagueness again.

Heh! Kajishima-sensei is notorious for that. ^_^; I guess whatever things he'd hoped to have ready to anounce didn't pan out yet. We'll see what the summer has to say. In the meantime, thanks for the update!

In site news, I'm back to square one on the site remake. I was mostly happy with things, but there was one element that bothered the crap out of me, mainly because of a compatibility issue. So, IE users would have seen some instructional MSG to overcome the issue, but in the end, I decided I needed to go back to the drawing board. *_* The main problem is that I've had no formal training in what I'm trying to accomplish, but I have enough smarts to figure things out with lots of time to mull over a problem. If I had the actual training, doing what I want to do would be easy because I'd actually understand all of the code to write it myself, rather than using pre-made code and modifying it for my own use.

October 31, 2011
    Word from Kajishima-sensei via Anonymous.

Here's the postscript to "OMATSURI ZENJITSU NO YORU SEIKISHI-BAN 11.08" (date of publication: 08/12/2011).

The March earthquake was really something. When the shaking suddenly got big, the feeling was seriously hairy and scenes from the Kobe earthquake went through my head. You really can't do anything while it's shaking... only look at falling books and belongings. Fortunately I wasn't injured and nothing got damaged. Only fan heater type things unexpectedly proved to be something to watch out for. Falling over would have made it switch off, but it was left standing and got buried under various stuff, getting so hot that it seemed ready to catch fire. So, watch out everyone... and now the status report.

First off, I'm currently working on the GXP novel and if all goes to plan, it should be out early next year as usual. The idea is to get in everything up to the conclusion of Fuku-chan's run-away incident or thereabouts. On the anime side there are several projects in the works, but nothing yet at announcement level. If all goes well, I may be able to tell you something in the Winter issue.

Speaking of, the Winter issue will continue with the pilot suits. I'd like to further explain some things I didn't have a chance to get into in detail this time around.

Kajishima Masaki

The issue itself is all about the girls showing off lots of skin-tight pilot suits, with some explanation of how they're made. Apparently they're "sewn" to model by ring-shaped scanner-replicators that were discovered in the ruins of the prehistoric civilization.

Thanks a ton, Anonymous. ^_^ Sadly, I don't think I've even scored this doujinshi. ^_^; I hope that Anonymous will be able to provide details from the Winter Comiket doujinshi release. ^_^ *Bambi eyes*

October 19, 2011
    Recently, there have been several questions come into me regarding the family tree situation. I finally tracked down the source of the problem and I had a link to an old and outdated Japanese (with English translations) family tree and was unaware of a newer one. So, I have rectified that. You can check out this newer PDF here.
October 11, 2011
    While I have been made aware that noneedfortenchi.com has been hacked (and is still in the control of the hackers rather than the site owners as of this posting), I don't know any more than that. I hadn't been to that board in some time (I don't do boards that much these days) and the admins/moderators/other haven't been in touch with me. Pretty bad though and depending on whom they were hosted with, the site may stay in that hacked state for a long time or even forever. :-(

In more local news, progress on the new FAQ site is moving ahead, but S-L-O-W-L-Y. I'm not 100% happy with the new menu system BUT I'm going to stick with it for now.

August 31, 2011
    For those wondering, the new TM!R FAQ site is a work in progress. Visually, I'm keeping things simple. Rather than side-bar navigation, I am moving that to a top-down menu. Otherwise, things will pretty much look the same, only navigation and hot-linking directly into articles will be a better experience. So far, so good BUT, getting this blasted new menu system to work with IE is going to be the real bear. I'll worry about that later I suppose. It is frustrating that Microsoft has to be so different from other browsers so that things that work in every other browser won't work in IE. *_*

Anyway, its going to take some time because I can only work on this in my spare time, which is after I get blogging stuff taken care of. I've almost got section 1.1 completed though. The plan is to build each new page and test out until the entire site is complete. Then, I'll worry about an IE solution. I'll try to keep you updated.

May 02, 2011
    For some time, I've thought about upgrading the FAQ site. Lets face it, when I first took over the FAQ, it was a 1-page which was a combination of TM!R FAQ and AIC Forum FAQ.  I turned that into the site you see now.  Based on my own limited HTML skills, I don't think I did too badly for a 2003 website.  ^_^

Today, I'd like to convert the site to an XHTML/XML site.  That way, I'm not using outdated frames to display pages and the individual pages will simply incorporate navigation and the like.  As such, linking to individual pages will not result in the crap it does today (stripping navigation).  I don't have time to actually deeply learn XML but I'd like something along the lines of what Blogger has for my blog in terms of simplicity of use.  Some things suggested to me have been

  • WordPress -- My host has the correct PHP and MySQL versions but I'm not sure if WordPress will have the WYSIWYG.  I need to read more but it may be more trouble than its worth.
  • CoffeeCup's Visual Site Designer --  Maybe, maybe not.  It appears to be great for newbies but if one has some experience, the software will restrict or even rewrite manually inserted code and that would frustrate me to no end.  I may just need their HTML editor, which has high marks in some quarters. There's a free trial period and the software isn't that expensive at $50 but the downside may be in some functionality being placed in other CoffeeCup products, which of course would have to be purchased.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver -- I've long heard great things about this software. It better be good for $400!  I guess it may have a free trial too so maybe I'll try that.

Any thoughts on what to do can be sent to me via Facebook (if you have an account), e-mail, or even Twitter.  I may only need to use a CSS menu, but I do think I need an updated HTML editor even if I do that. After all, I'm using Microsoft FrontPage 2003. ^_^;;;;;

It has been requested that I upload the summary work for the novel Jurai that was done several years ago. I do plan on doing this sometime this month, depending on my schedule.

September 09, 2010
    Want some more information regarding Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari?  Of course you do.  ^_^

Now here's some very interesting information from Kajishima-sensei's 10.8 doujinshi about Kenshi's LHW generation.

"When Kenshi in the end defeated Gaia with a Light Hawk Wing, it was generated by way of him controlling the focus of Tenchi-ken's enormous light energy, it was not something Kenshi himself generated from scratch. If he were to try to generate a Light Hawk Wing again, he would likewise have to start from producing compressed matter that holds an enormous amount of energy."

That settles it then, Kenshi's power is not like Tenchi's.

Thanks again to the anonymous tipster.  ^_^


About This FAQ


Initially, this FAQ was created by Death Quaker to be a resource for those participants of the AIC BBS board's Tenchi Muyo section.  Now that AIC is no longer providing a message board, this FAQ will attempt to answer any questions you may have regarding the canon Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki (天地無用! 魎皇鬼) universe, but will also have some stuff regarding the spinoff titles.  There is a stronger focus on the TM!R since that is where it all began.

The first section covers general Tenchi information, general Anime information, and information on the various Tenchi continuities.

The second section covers the canon materials regarding TM!R to include the various TM!R OAV's, GXP, books, novels, and doujinshi from Kajishima-sensei.

The new third section will contain links to additional sites that provide great Tenchi information and some other Tenchi discussion boards.  I'm also going to include articles by various Tenchi experts (for lack of a better term) in which they go into much greater detail certain aspects of Tenchi. 

If you have questions not answered here, please ask and we'll do our best to answer you!

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Most contributor entries have been done without special acknowledgement. Where I feel appropriate, I have noted the contributor. Thanks a ton to everyone for the help in expanding upon the excellent work started by Death Quaker!  Hontoni domo arigato gozaimashita!

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