Section Three: More Tenchi Muyo
Subsection 2: Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki Translation Errors
Episode 6: We Need Tenchi!

We Need Tenchi!


Error 1 -- This is the scene where Tenchi finally defeats Kagato.  What Kagato says in acknowledging his defeat is very important.  Here is the breakdown (thanks to True Sheol for the Japanese and accurate translation):
  In Romaji:  Tenchi... masutaa kii to onaji na ka. Tsunami-me. Kore de wa saisei mo kikanu ka. Subarashii. Watashi no make da, shounen....
  Pioneer Translation: Tenchi...the same name as the master key?  Well done, Tsunami.  Tenchi can't be copied.  Splendid plan.  You've won, young man.
  Accurate Translation: Tenchi... the master key and this person have the same name? That Tsunami. Is regeneration not effective? Magnificent. I am defeated, boy....

True Sheol comments:  It's unclear whether Kagato is indirectly asking Tsunami (not literally) or blaming her for leading him astray with Tenchi-ken (hence the "splendid plan" in some translations). He speaks her name in the same frame and immediately after asking that question. It is distinctly separate from his next line regarding how his regeneration is ineffective against the damage by Tenchi.
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