Q: I submitted my comic strip a long time ago and I still don't see it posted. Why is it taking so long?
A: I'm a very busy person and just don't have the time that I did a year ago to make updates like I'd like. I'm making updates now however!
Q: I sent you an e-mail and haven't heard back from you. Are you ignoring me?
A: Not intentionally. As I mentioned I am very busy and only glance through my e-mail for stuff from close friends and relatives. I always mean to write back when I have time but with the large volume of e-mail I get a day it sometimes ends up getting lost. Just today I found e-mail unread/unanswered from over a year ago! Ugh! I need to work some sort of system for keeping track of e-mail from those of you who send (about comic strips).
Q: Are you a cartoonist?
A: No. I am pretty good with computers and with writing but I stink at drawing.  I'm just a fan of comic strips.  When I was a kid, my dad was in charge of the pressroom.  I got to see the Sunday comics made and that was SO COOL!  After that, I loved comic strips!  *lol*
Q: I'm trying to get syndicated. Can you help me?
A: a limited degree. I recommend reading what other syndicated cartoonist have to say about getting into the business (advice section). I don't know any of the editor's nor do I have any weight with them. I wish I did, but I don't.

Beetle Bailey King Features Syndicate

Q: Have any web cartoonist ever been syndicated?
A: Yes! Spooner is one such strip. Captain Ribman is another.  It is hard for a cartoonist to break into the game!  BUT don't let that stop you.  Some of the most popular strips out there didn't get there overnight.  In fact it took many a few years to break in and then it was even longer before they were big.  Dilbert is a great example of this.
Q: Where did you get the name AstroNerdBoy?
A: Back when 9600 was king of the modems, I signed up with Prodigy to begin my online experience. To participate in the chat rooms, one needed an alias. So I picked a name but it was already in use. Then I picked another to find it was in use too. After several frustrating minutes of attempting to find a 'cool' name, I decided to go all out. AstroNerdBoy popped into my head and no one else was using it. My friends say it matches me since I like space and sci-fi (Astro), I am a computer guru (Nerd), and I am a guy (Boy). So there you have it. Nothing special but there ya go! *smile*
Q: Why are there so many dead links on your web/syndicated page?
A: Comic strips come and go, especially web comic strips.  I don't check every day for dead links but I try to check monthly.  If you see a strip who's URL has changed, let me know!
Q:  Why'd you change the website's design?
A:  I was bored with the old site's look and wanted something that looked cooler.  I'm pretty pleased with this as a whole though sometimes I wonder about my opening new windows (whether it bothers others).
Q:  Do people really donate to you?
A:  Actually yes!  Granted it's only a dollar here and five dollars there.  Once I got $20 which really was cool.  Granted I don't get donations like other sites but that's OK.  I'm thankful for every penny I get!  Thanks to everyone who's donated.