COMIC STRIPS: In the Spotlight
Sluggy Freelance
Sluggy Freelance is the comic strip that introduced me to the world of web comic strips.  As such, this strip will always hold a fond spot in my heart.  In addition, it is my favorite web strip.

As to the strip, expect the unexpected as ZoŽ expresses on the right there.  There are lots of parodies, well-written stories, well-developed characters, in addition to great fun and humor.  It is no wonder this strip is one of the most successful web strips out there.  And the strips 10th anniversary is almost here.

My Cage
My Cage (Bridget)Newly syndicated by King Features Syndicate, "it features Manga style art by Melissa DeJesus of 'Sokora Refugees' fame" and is written by Ed Powers

"It's about Norman, a young 20-something platypus who wanted to be a world famous writer, but has found himself stuck in a crappy middle-management job that pays the bills but is less than fulfilling.

Luckily he has a sweet girlfriend, lovable pet amoeba, and a few oddball co-workers to help him get through it all. "

(quoted text from Ed Powers) 

Alpha Shade
Alpha Shade

Christopher Brudlos & Joseph Brudlos have done less of a comic strip and more of a graphic novel, or more accurately, a manga (Japanese comic).  The art is very Japanese in style, but is very well done.  If you want to catch my attention, have good artwork!

This is a comic about war.  Chris and Joe have created a world at war with elements of World War I, science fiction, and a certain element of weirdness.  Still, I am intrigued and can't wait to see where they take this.